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Extraction and synthesis of the innovative plant molecules

StrigoLab is  specialized in the synthesis and commercialization of strigolactone analogues. Because of the increasing biological functions attributed to these phytohormones in the plant, their demand by the scientific research market has sharply increased in recent years. StrigoLab was born to satisfy this growing demand. Namely, StrigoLab can achieve the production in the multi-gram scale of both already characterized reference compounds (such as GR24) and of biosynthetic inhibitors of strigolactones, and of its own, autonomously developed molecules. StrigoLab also has the expertise to perform qualitative and quantitative bioassays on the above compounds. Finally, but most importantly, StrigoLab is interested in enter in the commercial sector of plant biostimulants. Strigolactones have in fact raised the attention of industries in the agro-technic market, interested in developing commercial formulations as phyto-regulators and fertilizers.


Our history

StrigoLab Srl is a spin-off based at the University of Turin (Italy), founded in November 2013 from the collaboration between the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Sciences and the Department Of Chemistry.

About Us

The very high value and reliability of the StrigoLab’s products and services is guaranteed from the well-known competences of its  staff, composed from academic professors and researchers experts in the chemical synthesis, in Plant Biology and Physiology.


To develop innovative plant molecules for new eco-sustainable agricultural practices.
To collaborate with International partners (companies, universities) within innovative projects in order to strengthen our products and services.

To start

Improve constantly our products

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Creating a sustainable future through the creation of our molecules

Our scientific team

Emma Artuso

Emma Artuso

PhD, Production manager and Co-founder of StrigoLab

She has expertise in Organic Chemistry, Agro-chemistry, Industrial Scale-up, Intellectual and industrial property rights. She will be in charge of synthesis of reference strigolactone molecules, both natural and analogous to natural compounds, as needed by other partners; and of strigolactone biosynthetic inhibitors.

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Ivan Visentin

Ivan Visentin

PhD, CEO and Co-founder of StrigoLab

He has expertise in Plant Biotechnology, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology, Marketing and General management. He is currently investigating the molecular determinants of organ specificity in strigolactone metabolism, transport and sensitivity. He is responsible for projects design and planning aiming at the optimization of the production process for a novel, plant-based and strigolactone-enriched biostimulant.

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Cristina Prandi

Cristina Prandi

PhD, Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry, Co-founder of StrigoLab

Expertise in the synthesis of small molecules relying on various synthetic approaches. Specific expertise in synthesis of natural compounds, among which strigolactones, active analogues and enantioselective syntheses. She is coordinating the COST Action FA1206 Stream “Strigolactones: biological roles and applications” and thus will be providing to the team both scientific supervision and expertise in managing an EU-funded project.

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Francesca Cardinale

Francesca Cardinale

PhD, Associate Professor in Plant Physiology, Co-founder of StrigoLab

She has expertise in molecular plant physiology and pathology, biotechnology, stress signal transduction. Her current studies focus on strigolactones, with emphasis on cell type/organ specificity and long-range stress signalling.

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Andrea Schubert

Andrea Schubert

Full professor of Plant Physiology

His research interests include molecular and physiological responses to combined stress, stress-responsive sRNAs, and biosynthesis of flavonoids. He is also concerned with the implications of these processes in the optimization of plant growing and fruit processing techniques.

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Our projects

StrigoLab is increasing its interest as producer and distributor of other innovative plant molecules, please see our catalogue and contact us for any questions and details.

Thanks to its wide company activities and its competences in the developing and managing of international projects StrigoLab is a very efficient  and reliable partner for this initiatives. Please contact us to have more info about a collaboration.


StrigoLab collaborates with the COST Action FA1206 Stream “Strigolactones: biological roles and applications”. Mission of STREAM is to create of a network of researchers studying the biology and potential exploitation of Strigolactones.


StrigoLab is a partner of TomRes an European Project H2020, Sustainable Food Security – Resilient and resource-efficient value chains. The project is focused on the development of a novel and integrated approach to increase multiple and combined stress tolerance in plants using tomato as model.


– 2° International Congress “Strigolactones”

StrigoLab has been main sponsor of this International Congress held at Turin, in March 27th-30th 2017. In this event the most innovative researches about the Strigolactones have been presented and discussed from the most eminent scientific teams in this research field.


Strigolactones are a family of molecules produced by all land plants. They are synthesized in tiny amounts mainly by root tissues, and translocated to all plant parts to function as hormones, or exuded to act as signalling molecules toward soil (micro)organisms.

Strigolactones influence crop yield by:

– shaping root and shoot morphology

– regulating reproduction a

– improving mineral nutrition

– regulating resistance to pathogenic fungi, drought and stress in general

Strigolactones are also germination stimulants for root parasitic plants


StrigoLab products are targeted to research biology and to agro-technical companies wishing to develop innovative biofertilizers and plant growth regulators.

Our service

StrigoLab offers a full range of services in custom organic synthesis. StrigoLab’s chemists are skilled at performing complex, multi-step syntheses and solving difficult chemistry-related problems. To have info and details about a supply of a custom molecule contact us at info@strigolab.eu

Support & Download

What is it the purity grade of my products?
All our distributed products have an equal level of chemical purity (98-99%).
How are the products shipped?
All our products are shipped lyophilized at room temperature.
What is it the chemical stability of my products?
All our lyophilized products are chemically stable for >1 year at -20°C. Once the molecule is in solution its activity is guaranteed for about two weeks.
How do I dissolve my products?
Initially to dissolve the chemical in an organic solvent like Acetone and then to dilute the chemical further in water or aqueous buffers.